The Award Winning Invention that Can Improve Hearing by Cleaning Ears Differently by a New Patented Method

San Francisco, CA, December 04, 2014 - Realizing that Q-tips are not meant for ear cleaning, Inventor Nami Khadem saw that the only reason people use them is because there are no swabs on the market that are specifically designed to actually clean out your ears safely and effectively, and other products are either ineffective or too difficult to use and maintain.

The Smart Swab has already granted a patent, and Trademark, and won the innovative excellence certificate along with the gold medal award issued from the largest international invention competition in the USA —INPEX 2014.

According to Nami, "The SmartSwab has a built in stopper which protects against the excessive penetration that causes the many of the ear injuries inside ears experienced by those using old fashioned cotton swab or any other devices for ear cleaning.'

Clogged hearing dulls one of our top communication senses. Class work seems less understanding. Music seem less enjoyable. And life is less vibrant even slightly blocked ear canals can impact the quality of our day to day life. Hearing is not only vitally important to our health, but also to our social, and business communication.'

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Nami added, "Cosmetically, you can't see inside your own ears, but romantic partners and loved-ones can, and do, so you don't want to be caught in an embarrassing moment. as the ear cleaning is a blind process the you need a device that is particularly designed to effectively and safely remove earwax in 360 degree around the ear canal with a plush touch so it won't scratch the vunarable skin inside our ears.The medical profession kept pace with ear care? We can choose from hundreds of different toothbrushes to clean our teeth - but proper ear cleaning has been relegated to cotton, which has failed too many of us. That's why I invented SmartSwab."

The inventor is confident that Smart Swab can fill the gap in this market. The goal of introducing this product to market for the first time is to help people who suffer from various problems caused by earwax buildup, and would like to enjoy using a comfortable, quick, and mess free method of ear cleaning. Currently the Smart Swab is in the manufacturing process. The company Nami Design LLC is encouraging everyone's opinion and public support through their crowdfunding campaign on launching this November.

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