2016: The Year for Disruption

2015 has been an amazing year for FeedsFloor with the number of members growing explosively. FeedsFloor now comprises of members from various B2B industries all over the world including transportation companies, financial trading companies, chamber of commerces, industry associations, engineering companies, pharmaceutical companies, construction companies, agricultural companies, manufactures, jewelry companies, home interior companies and many many more. We have furthermore had successful media partnerships with conferences and EXPOs all over the world.

We look forward to an even faster growth in 2016, as more B2B companies are experiencing the necessity to increase their presence online and are realizing the business opportunities (sales, branding, optimization of process etc.) that exist by having a digital strategy. 

Digitization and connectivity will be the focal points for B2B companies in 2016. Many B2B companies all over the world realize, that it is no longer enough to invest only in the sales force and trade fairs; online branding is equal important to compete with e.g. copy-companies and the increasing global competition. Even companies and organizations which previously just have had a static website, will in 2016 realize the need to be more active online.

B2B customers are to a higher degree looking for information online. For instance, research shows that 90% of B2B purchasers use search engines to find information before a purchase. Furthermore, research also shows that 60-70% of the purchasing process has already been carried out before a B2B purchaser contacts a potential supplier. Thus, B2B companies in all industries are loosing customers and orders if they do not take their online presence seriously.

2016 will also be the year B2B companies need to disrupt or they will be disrupted by smaller, more agile, out-of-the box thinking entrepreneurs. It is therefore time to think and rethink your business, are you holding the four aces or the smoking gun? Continuous attacks to your own business areas and strategies are the way to long-term sustainable growth.