Adata announced today the SX8000, a new M.2 SSD in its XPG lineup of performance drives aimed at gamers looking for a fast storage solution. The SX8000 is a NVMe 1.2-certified drive based on a Silicon Motion SMI2260 controller coupled with 3D MLC NAND flash memory.
Since Toshiba pared back  its OCZ-branded SSD lineup back in May, the company has been slowly rebuilding the brand's portfolio. To that end, Toshiba has announced the OCZ TL100 SATA SSD in 120GB and 240GB capacities. These entry-level TLC SSDs use an unspecified Toshiba controller and connect to...
Buying Genisyst creates end-to-end managed infrastructure provider.
Service offers MSPs and enterprise users direct, private connections.
Way, way back in the year 2000, when the first 64MB SD card was still a new piece of tech, having so much memory in such a small space was tough for us to wrap our heads around. An Amazon review from the time said that "the first thing that...
A little under a year ago, Samsung set a new bar in consumer NVMe SSD performance with its 950 Pro M.2 SSDs. Those drives used PCIe 3.0 x4 interfaces to deliver blazing-fast performance. Today, the company is aiming even higher with its updated 960 Pro and the new 960 Evo....
Howdy, folks. After about 14 hours of flying yesterday, I'm in beautiful Seoul, South Korea this week to hear about what Samsung has in store for the next generation of high-performance SSDs. Normally, we would be left guessing about what's going to be announced at...
NextDC, Megaport founder Bevan Slattery pounces.
NextDC, Megaport founder Bevan Slattery pounces.
Brisbane company facing wind-up request.
Existing facility close to capacity after major contract win.
Worth the investment as net promoter scores skyrockets.
Consortium considering stake in data centre operator.
Toshiba is among the many companies presenting new products at IFA 2016. We aren't there to see them in person, but the electronics giant sent us all the details of its A100 2.5-inch SSDs. The new solid-state disks hook up to SATA 6Gbps ports, and use 15nm TLC NAND...
A comprehensive directory of the world's data centres.
First acquisition in container market.
ContainerX to be first acquisition in the market.
Intel is pushing NVMe SSDs further into the mainstream today with its SSD 600P Series drives. These M.2 gumsticks use the same Intel-Micron 3D TLC NAND that we're starting to see in more and more SSDs of late. That NAND lets Intel deliver these drives at prices similar to...
Adata is bringing out a new series of Ultimate SSDs today, spearheaded by the SU800. These 2.5-inch SATA drives will come in capacities from 128GB to 1TB, and they'll use 3D TLC flash memory. That density should Adata to keep costs down and prices low. Adata says it's...
Cloud Storage Gateway

About Cloud Storage Gateway

Cloud storage gateways are hybrid appliances that combine local storage, data protection functionality, and cloud storage to form a collaborative, cost-effective package. A storage gateway ensures compatibility between different protocols used by cloud service providers and enterprises. In addition, it provides seamless connectivity between a local system and a cloud storage. Storage gateways are necessary to ensure that the data stored in ... Read more

Achieves $1.8 million profit after six years of heavy investments.
[Photos] We go behind the scenes of Equinix SY4.
IT service providers already running out of SY4.
[Photos] Channel gathering at Ferrari Maserati Centre in Sydney on 19 August.
New GovSky ecosystem lures cloud providers to govt heartland.
Adata is announcing a pair of external storage products today with an emphasis on stylish design and light weight. Both the Premier HC660 and SC660 are USB 3.0 external drives using a single micro-USB connector. Externally, the drives are identical, save for the the HC660's somewhat greater weight...
Red Cloud to open Hobart facility in September 2017.
Agim Isai returns to CEO land.
For now, regular old spinning rust has a significant cost-per-gigabyte advantage over solid-state storage. Until fairly recently, it had a substantial advantage in density, too. High capacity SSDs like Samsung's PM1633a have gained some ground on magnetic storage, but Seagate's newest business-...
Intriguing news keeps coming from this year's Flash Memory Summit. Yesterday, Samsung announced 64-layer V-NAND. Today, Kingston and industry newcomer Liqid announced that they've collaborated to make what they call the world's fastest 2.5" solid-state drive. Now, we're used to hearing inflated...