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You can now host your own digital EXPO @FeedsFloor for FREE. Bring your community together and eable people to chat on the go with exhibiting companies. By hosting a digital EXPO, you can extend your community, physical exhibition, trade organization or local shopping community digitally and be seen as thought leader within your field. It takes 2 min. to set up and you can generate revenue on exhibiting companies through our secure payment platform.




Organizing an EXPO is simple and FREE. As an organizer, you decide if the EXPO should be free for exhibitors, or if exhibitors need to pay a fee for exhibiting (min. USD 50). Even if you put a price on exhibiting, you can always put partners and sponsors for free. Visiting an EXPO online is always free. You are the one responsible for promoting, sharing and hosting the EXPO, and therefore you receive 80% of the total exhibition fees from your EXPO.




1. Sign up and create your company profile (it's free)

Please note that a nice profile increases trust and attract more visitors and exhibitors from anywhere.


2. Create your EXPO here.

2.1 Logo image of EXPO: Please notice that when the EXPO is shared on social media, most often it is the logo that is autogenerated in posts.

2.2 Dates: Please notice an EXPO should last for max. 14 days and min. 1 day.

2.3 Price: Please make it free or charge a minimum price of USD 50

2.4 Paypal and Stripe: We ask for your Paypal or Stripe ID in order to be able to transfer the money generated from exhibitor fees. You will receive 80% of the total amount generated around 3 weeks after an EXPO is finished. FeedsFloor takes a 20% cut for providing the platform. FeedsFloor pays all Stripe and Paypal fees; however, if other means of money transfer is wanted a fee will be put on top, please write to for more information.

NB: FeedsFloor offers also a global payment platform for all your exhibitors, taking all the hassle out of exhibitor payments. Want to hear more about this option, please contact


3. Share your EXPO and invite exhibitors

Now the EXPO is ready to be shared with your existing exhibitors (for physical exhibitions), contacts and on social media. You are in charge of promoting the EXPO; however, if you wish FeedsFloor to assist you or advice you please write to Also if you request for your EXPO to be shown on the frontpage let us know at, this might include an added fee.


4. Accept exhibitors

Exhibitors request to exhibit. This means no matter if the EXPO is free to exhibit at or has an exhibition fee, you as the organizer has the control of accepting which companies are exhibiting. Once you have accepted a company to exhibit, their profile and products are automatically swooped on to the EXPO page without you having to do anything.



When the EXPO is LIVE, the chat opens and exhibitors and visitors can now chat with other exhibitors on the go!

Exhibitors do not need to be on the chat 24/7. They can customize their welcome message as they see fit, e.g. "Welcome. How can we help you?" - "Our chat is open from 10am - 02pm" - "LIVE chat with our CEO at 01pm today" etc.

When a visitor chats with an exhibitor, they receive an automatic notifications on email as well.





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