Exhibit at digital EXPOs

You can now exhibit your company at relevant digital EXPOs, enabling people locally and internationally to discover and chat with you during LIVE EXPOs. Boost your sales through conversations.




Exhibiting at an EXPO can either be FREE or have an exhibition FEE. It is the EXPO host, who decides the exhibition fee. Your payment via credit card is not transferred until the EXPO organizer accepts you as an exhibitor and FeedsFloor insures that the EXPO will take place, as we do not transfer the payment to the organizer/host until the EXPO has been held. Once the host accepts your company, your profile and products from your FeedsFloor profile are automatically shown on the EXPO page. This means you only have to make 1 profile for many EXPOs and keep them updated. Once the EXPO is LIVE, you can chat in real time with visitors and customers locally and internationally.


1. Sign up and create your company profile (it's free)

Remember a nice company profile increases your chances of connecting and chatting with potential customers. Furthermore, visitors can browse through your products/services on the EXPO page, when you exhibit so make sure these are updated.


2. Find EXPOs here or get the direct link from your host

Browse through the existing EXPOs or contact your exhibition host to request to be showcased.


3. Request to exhibit

FREE EXPO: Click on exhibit and wait for the organizer to accept you. Once the organizer has accepted you, your profile and products are automatically shown on the EXPO page.

PAID EXPO: Click on exhibit and enter credit card details. The money is not transfered until the organizer has accepted you. Once the organizer accepts you, the money is transfered and you will receive a receipt. Your profile and products are automatically swooped on to the EXPO page. Please note that it is not possible to get a refund, unless the EXPO has been cancelled by the organizer. Payment is not trasfered to the host until the EXPO has been held.

4. An EXPO host can add you as an exhibitor for free

If you receive a notification requesting you to be showcased for FREE at an EXPO, this means the host of the EXPO, would like to showcase your company as an exhibitor for FREE. In order for your company to be showcased, you need to press on ACCEPT. Once you have pressed on ACCEPT, your profile and products are automatically shown on the EXPO page.


5. Share EXPO and invite visitors

You can now invite your existing contacts to the EXPO, and share the EXPO and your profile on social media.



During LIVE EXPOs, visitors locally and internationally can discover, chat and connect with you. You can customize a short chat welcome message as you like e.g. "Welcome. How can we help you?" - "Our CEO is on the chat at 1pm" - "We are on the chat from 10am-2pm" - "We are back in 1 hour". As an exhibitor you will also receive an automatic email notification when a visitor message you on the chat.

Visitors remain anonymous until they begin chatting with you. When they begin chatting, you can click on their Profile Name and see their profile at FeedsFloor.


7. After LIVE EXPO

Once the EXPO is not LIVE anymore, the chat cannot be accessed until next time you exhibit at a digital EXPO. Your profile on FeedsFloor is permanent and can be searched by users using SEARCH and be shared on social media.