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Create & host digital showrooms

200.00 USD

At FeedsFloor, you can create & host your own digital showroom/expo, where you can connect people with multiple local or/and international businesses.


Benefits of hosting your own digital showroom

  • Connect many companies with customers & suppliers locally & internationally.

  • It's super easy, free and requires no maintainance as the companies are responsible for updating their profiles themselves.

  • You can become the digital hub and leader within your industry, theme or area before your competitors.


Benefits for companies in your showroom

  • Companies receive a company profile, and can publish SEO-friendly products, services, news, videos etc.
  • Companies and their products and services can be discovered, followed and contacted by your visitors and visitors to FeedsFloor.
  • It is super easy for companies to manage, and there is no hidden fees.




1. Sign up and create a profile (it's free)

Please note that a nice profile increases trust and attract more visitors and companies.


2. Create your showroom here.

2.1 Logo image of showroom: Please notice that when the showroom is shared on social media, most often it is the logo that is autogenerated in posts.

2.2 Dates: Choose the date for when the showroom is LIVE and chat is open.

2.3 Price: Please make it free or charge a minimum price of USD 50.


3. Share your showroom and invite companies

Now the showroom/expo is ready to be shared with your member companies or exhibitors and partners. You are in charge of promoting the showroom/expo; however, if you wish FeedsFloor to assist you or advice you please write to business@feedsfloor.com. Also if you request for your showroom to be shown on the frontpage let us know at business@feedsfloor.com, this might include an added fee.


4. Accept companies

Companies request to exhibit. This means no matter if the showroom is free to exhibit at or has an exhibition fee, you as the organizer has the control of accepting which companies are exhibiting. Once you have accepted a company to exhibit, their profile and products are automatically swooped on to the showroom page without you having to do anything.



When the showroom is LIVE, the chat opens and exhibitors and visitors can now chat with other exhibitors on the go! You decide the dates for the showroom chat to be open, but the showroom is online all year round.

Exhibitors do not need to be on the chat 24/7. They will receive an automatic email message if someone is chatting with them.

When a visitor chats with an exhibitor, they receive an automatic notifications on email as well.