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UAE.Three day open to the public event has been specifically commissioned and curated to feature a compelling mix of local, regional and international designers, artists, musicians, concept retailers and unique dining experiences.
QATAR. Paying homage to the forthcoming centenary of the last Fabergé Imperial Eggs ever delivered, Fabergé has crafted an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind egg objet in collaboration with Qatar's Al Fardan family, one of the world's most renowned collectors of pearls.
 Impfmuffel kostet Milliarden

Amerikanische Forscher haben modelliert, wie teuer mangelnde Grippeimpfung sein kann.

Smartphones put a wealth of games at user's fingertips, but many of the proprietary games are loaded with advertisements, in-app purchases, and other features that create less-than-stellar play experiences. While the open source world is not exactly known for the quality of its games, there are a wide variety of open source games available in the F-Droid repository that are polished and very playable.