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Ikey Doherty and the Solus Project are proud to announce today the availability of a new project that aims to integrate the Steam client on various GNU/Linux operating systems much better.

Microsoft has released an alert today warning about a new ransomware variant called ZCryptor, which comes with the ability to self-propagate via removable and network drives.

Der kan være store fordele i at bruge droner til at overvåge marker og analysere data indsamlet af droner, mener teknologisk institut.

Microsoft bans simple passwords as LinkedIn looks out for suspicious account activity

Microsoft obviously wants to be a pioneer for browser extensions for Microsoft Edge, a feature that will become available for all users in the summer with the Anniversary Update, so the company is already working on several such add-ons.

EU lovgivningen lægger op til, at de enkelte lande selv fastlægger krav til denne type produktion.
Microsoft hasn’t provided a specific release date for the Anniversary Update, but given its name, the launch should take place in July, when Windows 10 turns 1.

Dæktråd fra møre dæk ender i tarmsystemet og skader kvæget.
Acer has just unveiled a series of new devices running Windows 10 ahead of Computex 2016, when the company will present them for the first time.

A total of three devices have been unveiled today, and they’re supposed to tackle the budget category with competitive prices, as the more affordable will be available for no more than $199 in the United States.

Acer Switch One 10