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Continuing his Sunday tradition, Linus Torvalds released a few minutes ago the Linux 4.8-rc4 kernel...
UAE. Deloitte report highlights the alternative forms of funding available to deliver the required infrastructure across Middle East airports and to counteract the potential reduction in the ability to raise necessary finance.
INTERNATIONAL. SoPE is a biomedical and healthcare innovation network of over 25,000 international members, to collaborate on concepts, ideas, and solutions that will improve healthcare delivery.
INTERNATIONAL. Ex-entrepreneurs with an enthusiasm for music can continue to be "entrepreneurial" by purchasing a high quality stringed instrument. They invest a portion of their sales proceeds in a way that will maintain value; at the same time, they support young musicians.
INTERNATIONAL. The ratings reflect JIIC's strong risk-adjusted capitalisation, improving technical performance and robust enterprise risk management.
SAUDI ARABIA. Al Yahya will represent Saudi Arabia at the World Entrepreneur Of The Year event, along with EOY award winners from over 50 countries.
UAE. Gender diversity and improving social conditions driving adult female participation in the GCC's labour force to reach 32% in 2015, revealed an Al Masah Capital Report on "GCC Women - Entrepreneurs in a New Economy".
UAE. Smart phone application delivers insights into UK's real estate, education and international banking.