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The IMF announced it would push back its evaluation of the Chinese Yuan as a reserve currency until September 2016.
Reportedly shopping around its network security business.
BizData dashboard transforms customer workflow.
Facility with 'longest uptime' has been live since 1988.
[Photos] See who was on the show floor on the Gold Coast.
Almost every modern digital camera offers the ability of “on the fly” panorama creation, but often you will find the result of this automated process not to meet expectations. For this reason, it's best to take the sequence of photos as individual continuous images and then you use some kind of software tool to stitch them together in a proper way.
After nearly two decades of nuclear competition with Pakistan, India with the several long-range ballistic missiles in development is seemingly now paying attention to its future strategic relationship with China, a think-tank report has said.
'I have seen that many madrassas do not celebrate Independence Day and Republic Day. They don't even invite people for Independence Day celebrations and this is an insult to nation. It is wrong.'
Det brukerredigerte internettleksikonet Wikipedia har utestengt 381 brukere som mistenkes for å ha tatt betalt for å opprette eller endre på artikler på vegne av skjulte interesser.
Langt over 100.000 biler står i fare for å bli avskiltet fordi de ikke er EU-godkjent. Vegvesenet er bekymret og sier mange kjører rundt i kjøretøy i dårlig teknisk stand.