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Ever since the launch of BlackBerry OS 10 and its companion device, the Z10, brand fans and BlackBerry owners alike look with great anticipation at every piece of news and leaked info about new devices being in the works.
أجرى المستشار مرتضى منصور، رئيس نادي الزمالك، حوارا مع لاعبي الزمالك عقب انتهاء مباراتهم مع فريق النجم الساحلي التونسي وخروجهم من الكونفيدرالية.

هذا المحتوى من «المصري اليوم».. اضغط هنا لقراءة الموضوع الأصلي والتعليق عليه

Fear the drunken sailors and their bottomless wallets

Worstall @ the Weekend  Several of you have asked for the skinny on what money actually is. So, here's the full fat Worstall take on cold, hard cash.…

PXW-FS5 camera
Content creators around the world have the chance to win the new PXW-FS5, which brings flexible handheld shooting and complete creative control
Tablet family Venue
Dell’s vision for commercial mobility is rooted in its experience as the industry’s only end-to-end solutions provider and by working daily with its customers to clearly understand and meet their needs
Microsoft seems to have had enough of criminals abusing its name in one of the most common scam tactics used today, the tech support scam.

This nefarious tactics relies on cyber-criminals cold-calling users or scaring them with popups on Web pages, and scareware pushed to computers via various sorts of malware.

Zahara Tour at Almouj
The new outlet is in line with the company’s broader strategy to establish a presence in upscale neighbourhoods
Speakers at a panel discussion organised by ICAEW’s Corporate Finance Faculty.
Oil and gas, mining, petrochemicals, infrastructure and manufacturing, will all be among the fast-growing sectors in Iran if sanctions are lifted.
Noel Massoud
Noel Massoud takes over from Magdi Samman as Swiss-Belhotel's Dubai-based leader in charge of operations and development in the region
During Middle East Concrete and PMV Live
MAN Truck & Bus Dr. Richard Brown shares insights into industry