We understand the demands on an active supply. Since 1949, today and tomorrow we at HEKAL trading company (1949 ). HEKAL Importing & Exporting Co.( 2000 ) & EBCO Steel Co . ( 2001 ) have had main objective and target to be the leading and most active suppliers for steel pipes , tubes and

Seemed the idea .... There have been signs in sight .... As the days turned into a reality In the spring of 1975 appeared to the light company Isra trade all types of iron and angles, and composting, wicker, pipes and began flying in the sky and soon we acquired the confidence of the ministries and

Elobour Industry - Metal forming


Welcome to GM Company for metal forming, machining and metal constructions industries It is one of Egyptian's metal working companies, providing and delivering a comprehensive service to the construction industries The company offers breadth of experience within the construction industry through its

khalifa sons is an ISO:9001:2008 certified company and a Recognised Export House, with a driving force�to the crest in manufacturing and Exporting of all kinds of Formwork, Scaffolding Accessories, Hand Tools and Carpentary Tools. A prosperous empire since 1999, Khalifa Sons is an outstanding

22 Years of Experience in metal fabrication & constructions Business Products include bridges for both pedestrians and automobiles, storage tanks, electricity pylons, frames and trusses, gates, fences and various decorative metal structures. We are a family owned group of companies that have

Ever Since we started in 1975, our mission was to improve the lives of those who are touched by our products. From a commercial agency importing work shop machinery and special steel , contistahl expanded Using technology and innovation,and today as the sole agent of Siemens home appliances in Egypt

El Rowad Engineering For Contracting & Supplies is committed to be the best source to provide engineering services & solutions with its implementation and technical consultancy in the field of contracting while at the same time harnessing all its resources to build a better tomorrow for its

American Metal founded in 2012, American Metal is one of the leading companies in the field of laser cutting where we have 3 laser cutting machines. Laser cutting is one of our most distinguished services. Where we cut steel up to 20 mm thickness and stainless steel up to 12 mm and aluminum up to 8

Partners Ever since ProTec began its activity in 1990 under the leader ship of Eng. Refaat Abo El-Fotouh, by the name of “Al-Fotouh” back then at El-Herafieen industrial zone and going through “ProTec” in 1997 at El- Matariah and finaly in our current establishment in 2005, and the company made sure

We are a promising technology company seeking for supplying high quality products and solutions to industry and educational sectors with affordable prices. assuring customer support. we are engaged in:


PERFECT ENGINEERING WORK, We have the leadership and history of excellence in construction & mechanical engineering work in the EGYPT spans over 16 years. Quality, Safety, systems reliability and innovation are the trademarks of Prefect's success in all projects we are done. To maintain our

EL-Sammak Co. for contracting & heat, acoustic insulation materials trading established in 1995. One of the most powerful Egyptian leaders companies at insulation fields, We have a good reputation because of our strategies with customers that depend on three basic factors :-

Helwan Engineering House are honored to introduce to you the company's activities and Industries Our Supportive Machines 1-TRUMPF TC240 CNC MACHINE 2 - P&A SHEAR MACHINE 3- BRONSWERK AMESFOORT PRESS BREAKE 4- GRINDING MACHINE

China ERA Plastic industry Group,Covering a total area of 200,000 square meters and construction area of 130,000 square meters with registered capital of RMB 188 million and total assets of RMB 650 million and a staff of 1600, is one of today’s largest manufacture bases of chemical building

STAMBAT designs and builds medium and small sized moulds strictly according to ISO9001:2000 standards. It is located in the industrial region in 6 October, 6 October, EGYPT. To build mould for sheet-metal cold-processes using progressive or manual plate transfer methods and plastic injection. With

United Group for Steel Industries manufacture of Steel Industries

SYSTEM EGYPT - Drilling on silicon cylinders

manufacture of Spare Parts from UPVC صناعة مصافى ووصلات حديدية لمحطات المياه والصرف الصحى واعمال تركيبات لمحطات المياه

Ayad Group, founded in 1973 as the first private sector steel mill in Egypt, posses over 30 years of experience in steel industry. Ayad Group has carved out a niche in the Egyptian and international steel market through its distinguishing features of high quality products, fast delivery, competitive

WORKSHOP OF METAL FORMATION تشكيل معادن حدايد انتاج مفصلات وترابيس و شبك ممدد

We are specialist sub contractor for technical civil works. Extra Egypt was thus well equipped to tackle the huge growth of the construction sector, with its products, Couplers, a parallel thread device used to connect together two reinforcement steel bars casted in large concrete structures. Extra

Making Plastics Moulds تشغيل معادن انتاج اسطمبات وبكاليت واكرة بوتاجازات وصبانات صناعة قوالب بلاستيك

El Thawra Company is considered one of the most ancient organizations in the Egyptian market since 1973. our customer confidence is our positive force for success Our activities have been started in 1973 in producing metal products to public sector in a fixed way along

Our Vision To establish ZEINOX as the first company in the production of Stainless Steel Raw Materials in Egypt and Middle East. ZEINOX is looking forward to emerging and expanding in the fields of importing, manufacturing/trading of metals, and supplying Stainless Steel for industrials companies.

About company profile The company founded since 1990, Fine Tools worked and still with powerful cooperation with the biggest companies of plastic molds, dies and special tools, mechanical parts and spare parts. Fine Tools works with the highest technology and digital tools ( CNC lathes, CNC milling

Middle East Hydraulic Engineering :: MEHE :: Is one Of the Most respected Egyptian companies work in Hydraulic engineering filed. Specialists in a Design , Assembling , Implementing and Manufacture of custom hydraulic Systems : power units, different customized hydraulic circuits and lines. Provide

Our factor was established by Alexanian family in 1952. • Etalex Metal is an affiliate of Etalex Group. • Etalex has various branch outside Egypt: - 2 branch in UAE: in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. - Representative office in Netherlands.

In 1981, "Wilkinson Match" – based in the United Kingdom, sold its share in "Wilkinson Sword Middle East" to "Soliman's" Family currently "LORD International", which was launched with Wilkinson Sword technology to more than 70 countries around the globe to be presently considered as one of the six

The Egyptian – Saudi Dar Co. For Trading and Marketing LTD. ( ESDCO) Was established by Saudi – Egyptian Capital according to the law no. 159 chapter 18 issued in 1981 . Our factories are located in 6th October city & Fayoum city (a short distance from Cairo) We are one of the most renowned

Egyptian International Co. for Aluminum profile EIPAL - An Integrated Aluminum Complex - CAST - EXTRUSION - ANODIZING = PAINT - FAB. - ACCESSOIRIES الشركة المصرية الدولية لانتاج قطاعات الالومنيوم - ايبال

When it's bright bars, it's SAMBO METALS About us Sambo Metals, a family-owned business, is the center of excellence for the production of high-quality bright steel bars used in various business sectors such as the automotive industry, the machinery, and the equipment sectors, etc. Interacting

M.C.E.Co Mechanical Construction Engineers Company is specialized as its main scope of activities in Electro-Mechanical & Structural Steel Erection, Commissioning & Fabrication. The Company also executes among this main scope other complementary activities like Civil Related to Mechanical

Sons of Farid Hassanein & Co. was established in 1944. Trading agencies (pumps, motors, diesel, couplings, gear boxes) طلمبات مياه و طلمبات كيماوية و غاطسة و حلزونية و الطلمبات بجميع انواعها

Who We Are " Giving You The Power To Protect What Matters " All over the world, security and safety are the major requirements that everyone is searching on for and caring about. To feel safe in your home with your family, at your work, and everywhere around you, to secure your personal belongings

تاسست مجموعة بدوى فى عام 1953 بيكو تعبر عن علامة الجوده التى تتناسب مع سمعة وخبرة ومكانة منتجات بيكو وتتنوع منتجات بيكو للوفاء باحتياجات كافة المصانع و الشركات و المؤسسات والخيئات من معدات النقل و المناولة و الرفع الهيدروليكى وارفف السوبرماركت ودواليب العدة وتزجات الورش ودواليب الملابس و الحوائط

El Burak for Engineering and Development is a global leader company in the creation of industrial solutions to its customers together to become more distinctive and competitive. Mission: El Burak for Engineering and Development in the creation of solutions for industrial clients in general and in

Complete professional shading solution for the out door recreational area. Designs, accessories, and motorization are from the highest European brands. Complete professional shading solution for the out door recreational area. Designs, accessories, and motorization are from the highest European

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صناعة ورش الحداده و المستلزمات المعدنية للاثاث و الاشغال المعدنية للمعمار مثل ( الابواب – النوافذ – الاسوار – السلالم ) .تصنيع و تشكيل منتجات الفوم ( EPS ) بمختلف أنواعها من حليات و كرانيش و تجاليد و هياكل و قباب و خلافه باستخدام خط cnc لذلك .

Metal forming and processing

Formation and operation of the metals of the industry of water pumps, sewage and agricultural machinery, trailers, plows, centrifugal pumps and metal constructions

تشكيل وتشغيل وطلاء المعادن وتصنيع وحدات الاضاءة

مصنع صناعات معدنية و كرتيال

Industrialization Material Adaptors and Hydraulic Fitting Assembly Of Hydraulic Hose For Any Use Any Pressure Material Turning Pipes Forming

صناعة اسلاك الومنيوم

قفيز فيشر معدنى بالمسمار و عربة يدوية براويطه

Operating metal for the production of air conditioning sheet

صناعة الواح صاج مجلفن ولفائف صاج مجلفن وكمر ومجارى ولفائف صاج ساخن وبوادى

صناعة منتجات غير نمطية من المسامير والجوايط طبقا لحاجة العميل

العتب سيخ الجاويط وسبليونة

صاج بارد وصاج ساخن وصاج ملون وصاج مجلفن

كبس بالات خردة واستلس ستيل ونحاس وحديد

Forming and operating metals of all kinds

تشكيل وتشغيل المعادن وصناعات مغذية

Formation and operation of metals

Formation and operation of metals

تشكيل معادن واعمال الصاج والحدادة والالوميتال

Industry Chimney Gas Sheet

طلاء معادن دهان الواح الالوميتال

تشغيل معادن لحساب الغير

Leading Production Of Aluminum In Egypt

صناعة يفط ولوحات ارشادية

تشغيل وتشكيل معادن

خراطة معادن و توريد الات زراعية و قطع غيارها

Steel Sheet Metal, Stainless Steel, Copper & Aluminum, All Lathe Works, Automotive Supplies, CNC Plasma Cutting & Sheet Metal

تشكيل وتشغيل المعادن

خراطة ولحام وتشكيل المعادن ولوازمها - انتاج جلب وبنوز وفلنشات وطاره سيور

Coating and forming of metals

Manufacturing and forming stainless steel

صناعة شبكات النحاس والمشغولات النحاسية وأجزاء الخلاطات

تشكيل معادن بكافة انواعها وتصنيع بلاطات الاسقف الصناعية بكافة أنواعها

تشكيل وتشغيل المعادن

Operation, shaping and welding of metals

بيت مايك  لتصنيع جميع انواع فرد القماش الدائري والمفتوح  تصنيع تربيزات فرد القماش التي تعمل عليها الماكينه بمختلف العروض وجميع الاطوال  تصنيع تربيزات الجودة والانتاج وتربيزات الفحص  تصنيع جميع انواع الاستندات بمختلف المقاسات لتلائم الاحتياجات 

تشكيل وتشغيل معادن وتوريد قطع غيار هيدروليك وطلمبات مياه ومستلزماتها

اعمال حداده ومنتجات فيبرجلاس متنوعة

manufacture of stainless steel sheets

مصنع لتصنيع المنتجات البلاستيكية و تشكيل وتشغيل المعادن و تصنيع الاسطمبات

Metal and non - metal forming

manufacture of Wicker and angles

قطيع صاج (ملون,مجلفنة,اسود) على البارد و تشكيل صاج عادى و معرج

manufacture of machines and tools spare parts , Aluminum accessories

manufacture of metal forming

دهان وتلوين المعادن

Manufacture of METAL FORMING

manufacture of Copper sheets and recycling of industrial waste

manufacture of Metal processing and manufacturing of rolled metal products, Banoses, Columns

تشغيل معادن

خراطة وتشكيل معادن ولحام معادن وتقطيع وثني المعادن

Iron, copper, angles and aluminum


Stackers for air conditioning, forming and operation of metal

Manufacturing of iron rolling and parallel drilling

تشغيل مصنع قطع غيار الماكينات و تشغيل و تشكيل معادن ( ثقل اوزان كبيرة وصغيرة وعدادات مياة )

خراطة وتصنيع معادن

Formation and operation of metals

Lathe workshop and works of iron

Metal forming and operation and various metal furniture

Assembly and installation of alumetal (doors and windows)

Metal forming and working (spiral metal springs, sheet cupboards)

Metalworking, wire drawing, import and export

ورشة حدادة بسيطة و لحام

Metal forming and working plant

Metalworking and metal construction, metalworking, threading and metalworking

Formation and operation of metals

Formation and operation of minerals and its own contracting

Formation and operation of metals

Children 's wheelchairs

تشكيل وتشغيل المعادن

صناعة لاكور وصواميل وطبة وصلة وشبكة موزعات فريون تكييف

تصنيع معادن و دعاية و اعلان

Welding workshop and metal welding with electricity

Metal processing and assembling of TokTok

ورشة خراطة معادن

تشكيل و تصنيع منتجات معدنية بدون اعمال طلاء او سبك

ورشة تشكيل معادن

مصنع الوميتال تقطيع و تجميع منتجات الوميتال

Manufacturing door windows for kitchens

Metal forming and operation of a multi-stage stairway

Manufacturing, forming and painting of sheet metal

ورشة الوميتال

مصنع تشكيل وتشغيل المعادن و المواسير و الكلبسات الحديد

حدادة و تصليح سيارت و لحام

مصنع تشكيل المعادن

تصنيع جميع اعمال الالوميتال و ال بى فى سى و صناعة تشكيل وتشغيل المعادن و الابواب المصفحة

اثاثات مكتبة ومعدنية وفورفورجيه واعمال فنية

WIRE RODS: - Diameter : specifiable . - Length : From 5.0 mm up to 16.0 mm. REINFORCING BARS : - Size : specifiable . - Length :specifiable up to 18 meters.
CEMENT : -Type : sea water ( u – l fanar ) -Saqara-Portland
Plastic Section Machinery
Engineering Division
-cups - keychains - medals - oscars - pins - plates - shields
Steel structure - Building Extensions - Aluminum Structure - sales center - Events - Beaches - Glass roll - lkwa
Awning ( tenda )- Movable system - Umbrella - Parking- Tensile -Architectural
Comex is a leading Egyptian company producing door handles, patch fittings, furniture accessories and bathroom accessories. Comex was established in 1986. We are specialized in Die Casting, Finishing, Electroplating, Electropherrotic, Electrostatic Powder Coating, Sheet Metal Working and Assembly.
-Square Hollow Sections -Rectangular Hollow Sections -Round Hollow Sections
اسست مجموعة بدوى فى عام 1953 بيكو تعبر عن علامة الجوده التى تتناسب مع سمعة وخبرة ومكانة منتجات بيكو وتتنوع منتجات بيكو للوفاء باحتياجات كافة المصانع و الشركات و المؤسسات والخيئات من معدات النقل و المناولة و الرفع الهيدروليكى وارفف السوبرماركت ودواليب العدة وتزجات الورش ودواليب الملابس و الحوائط
AHRAM Padlocks Ahram Padlocks with many dimensions for multi usage, a high security pure brass body with hardened shackle and with conventional key.
Products & Services
Egyptian International Co. for Aluminum profile EIPAL - An Integrated Aluminum Complex - CAST - EXTRUSION - ANODIZING = PAINT - FAB. - ACCESSOIRIES الشركة المصرية الدولية لانتاج قطاعات الالومنيوم - ايبال
- Liners K 100 ,K107 ,K110 (1 Million Stroke) - Specially Alloy temperd liners (3 Million Stroke PATT) - Punch C45 welded - Fast change multi size mould - lsostatic punches all kinds - Redesign concenicty of liners with Dim. of Punch and thickness of tile with different powder. - Grids - side of
- Expanded metal: Expanded metal Categories -Hinges: Hings Category -Plastic Hoses
Making Plastics Moulds تشغيل معادن انتاج اسطمبات وبكاليت واكرة بوتاجازات وصبانات صناعة قوالب بلاستيك
Electric Accessories
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Fiat- Peugeot - Trucks
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-Rectangular Pipes - Round Tubes & Pipes - Square pipes
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Standard Coils - Narrow Coils
Products : - blowing molds - extrusion molds - injection mold - jiggs & fixtures - Plastic mold - thermo plast - Thermoset - pressure die casting molds - sheet metal forming - stamping molds
-Servo Valves
- Disposable -Modern Shaving Systems -Safty Razors -Traditional -Cosmetics -Special Offers
Short Pipe for flange - Stop Valve - Stop Valve(W/SCVEW End) - Stop Valve with Crom Handle - U-Pipes Tracket- Compining Joint - Flange Socket Compact Ball Valve - Heat-Fused Machine - Union - Stop Valve with Crome Handle - True Union Ball Cock - Testing Cap(ABS Material) - Male Thread Union - Female
Pipes - Step Over Bend - Female Thread Tea - End Cap - Female Thread Bush - Female Thread Elblow - 45 Eblow - 90 Eblow - Straight Tee - Socket - Reducing Tee - Reducing Socket
We have all sizes of composting Alsajal Alambtt, iron, pipes And other coil coated sheet of each of these products from leading iron and steel plants in the Middle East, we Ptshehadrha and supply at a competitive price and excellent technical support
Magnesium Oxide Boards, Why use them? Magnesium Oxide (MgO) boards are a new technology for construction applications. MgO boards could be used to construct walls, both inside as partitions and outside as exterior sheathing. Mgo boards could also be used as ceiling where the boards are installed on
The Extra Egypt System The essence of the Extra Egypt system is to build a parallel thread on a cold-forged end of reinforcing bar. They are then spliced together by means of a mechanical coupler. This unique process has proven itself over a decade to be the perfect splice for the construction
Manufacturing Activites : 1-Punching iron sheet of 1 mm and up to 6 mm iron sheet black 2 - punching Stainless steel of 1 mm and up to 6 mm (removal of panels up to 1 in 3 m) 3 - Cut iron sheet  
Procurement activities : 1-All types of metal works 2 - Cableways 3 - Lockers
Acoustic Insulation - Hot Insulation - Cold Insulation - Waterproofing - Fireproofing - HVAC Ducts - Anti Corrosion Insulation
- we provide a specialized team in the field of machines manufacture. We could Lathe, Boring, Drill, grinder, slotting, sawing, thread, abrasion.
TechnoCAD Manufacturing High Quality Metal Cutting Machines, CNC Routers -CAM Solutions -Plasma Cutting Service -Motion Control Parts Supplier
Jig & Fixtures • Jig & Fixtures • Production Requirments
• Special Purpose Machines • Penumatic Presses • Hydrulic Presses
Die Casting • Hot Chamber Pressure Die Casting • Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting • Gravity Die Casting
Rubber Molds
Sheet Metal Dies • Punching Dies • Forming Dies • Progressive Dies
Plastic Molds • Plastic Injection molds
LASER Cutting
Sheet Metal Works
The company works in the field of industrial services, electromechanical contracting, metal constructions and the following supplies:
Contistahl Kitchens : Wood | Materials - Stainless Steel | Materials Conti Kitchens Materials DRESSING | Materials Tubes Materials Pieces Materials
Butt Hinges - Corner Braces - Cranked Butt Hinges - Cranked Hook - Handrail Bracket - Straight Hook & Bands
Baby Vice - Bench Vice - Carpenter Cramp - Gee Cramp - Pipe Vice - Jack Plane - Wood Working Vice - Bearing Puller
Grease Gun - Adjustable Wrench - Claw Hammer - Combination Plier - Coat Hooks - Crow Bar - Cutter - Filter Wrench - Flower Cutter - Garden Tool - Hammer - Hand Tools - Long Nose Plier - Karandi - Machinist Hammer - Pincer Drop Forged - Pipe Wrench - Plumbobs - Silicon Gun - Spanner - Spammers -
Scaffold Tie Rod - G Lock Pin - Adjustable Base Jack - Industrial Drop Head - Jack Rod - Ledger Blades - Drop Forged Wing Nut - Jack Nuts - Adjustable U Head Jack - Scaffold Bottom Cup - Scaffold Top Cup - Scaffold Props - Prop Plates - Water Stopper - Wing Nut
Anchor Nut 2 legs 3 legs - Rapid Clamp - Waller Plates - Hex Nut Connector - Shuttering Clamp .
Maintenance Part - Installation Part - Fertilizers Plants - In iron & steel plants - Fabrication Parts
Cold rolled coils - Hot rolled coils - Flatbar
Angels - Beams - steelbar
Elbow - Tee - Flanges - Nut - Welded Slips