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At FeedsFloor, you can connect your business network with
customers, distributors & suppliers in an easy, affordable & digital way.

FeedsFloor collaborates with organizations, businesses and communities that share the same mission of helping especially SMEs with reaching new customers, distrubutors and suppliers locally & internationally.

FeedsFloor partners include chambers of commerce, local business councils, exhibitions & trade shows, industry associations and other business networks.

You can connect businesses & customers


Create your own
digital showroom/expo for FREE


Invite businesses to exhibit
for free or for a fee


Invite people to discover, follow
& connect with the shown businesses

You can also connect businesses and customers

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Why become a FeedsFloor partner

Connect many businesses with local and international customers.
Reach the world from one place.

Create the digital showroom in your brand name.
Become the hub of your area or industry.

Offer relevant businesses a digital marketing & sales platform.
No coding. In less than 5 minutes.

Enable people to discover relevant businesses.
Discover, visualize and chat.

You can make money or make it free as a part of your existing services.
Digitalize your services.

Exhibitors can use the same profile in many showrooms.
Update once. Update everywhere.

Exhibitors update their own profiles.
No more PDF files or Excel Sheets to update.

Link your website and showroom.
Build your community.

Only your imagination sets the limits!