Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free company account.

Step 2: Click on or go to the URL of the EXPO, you would like to exhibit at.

Step 3: Click on Exhibit.

Step 3.1: If the EXPO is free to exhibit at, you merely have to wait until the host approves your request to exhibit.

Step 3.2: If the EXPO has an exhibition fee, you merely input your credit card details, and wait for the host to approve your request to exhibit.

Step 4: Once the host approves your request to exhibit, your profile and all your products are automatically swooped on to the EXPO page.
- For paid EXPOs, the exhibition fee is first transfered when the host has accepted your request to exhibit. You will receive a receipt on your email.
- The host of an EXPO can also add you for free even if a fee is charged e.g. for sponsors or members of an organisation. You will then need to send the host your unique FeedsFloor ID (your username). You will then receive a notification that you have to accept in order for your profile and products to be automatically shown on the EXPO page.

Step 5: When the EXPO is LIVE, you can now chat and engage with other exhibitors, and visitors can begin chatting with you.
- You will receive an automatic notifications on email, when a visitor has send you a chat message.
- You can edit your chat welcome message, depending on your circumstances e.g. "I will be back in 5 min.", "Hi and welcome, how can I help you?", "We are offline right now, see you tomorrow at 10am." etc.

NB: Before and after an EXPO is LIVE, everybody can use normal email messaging service here on FeedsFloor. Simply go to the exhibitor's or visitor's full profile and click on "Send Message".

NB: Your profile on FeedsFloor is permanent and SEO friendly.

NB: Chats are just like IRL conversations and can therefore only be accessed during the LIVE EXPO.

NB: You can only be refunded the exhibition fee, if the organizer cancels the online EXPO. In all other cases no refunds can occur.