Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free individual or company account.

Step 2: Click on or go to the URL of the EXPO, you would like to visit.

Step 3: Click on VISIT and begin to discover exhibiting companies and their products.

Step 4: When the EXPO is LIVE, you will receive a notification, that you can now chat with exhibitors in real time.

Step 5: Click on the chat icon next to the exhibitor you would like to chat with and begin chatting.

NB: It is always free to visit EXPOs online at FeedsFloor.

NB: You remain anonymous until you begin chatting with an exhibitor. When you chat with a company, they will be able to see your profile at FeedsFloor. Remember therefore to make your profile look awesome, this increases trust.

NB: You can visit any EXPO both as an individual user and as a company user.

NB: Chats are just like IRL conversations and can therefore only be accessed during the LIVE EXPO. Before and after an EXPO is LIVE, you can use normal email messaging service here on FeedsFloor. Simply go to the exhibitor's full profile and click on "Send Message" and send a message to the company.