Step 1: Log in or sign up for a free company account.

Step 2: Click on "Create EXPO"

Step 2.1: Input title, logo, feature image and description of the EXPO

Step 2.2: Choose the dates for the EXPO to be LIVE (max 3 weeks).
- During LIVE EXPOs exhibitors and visitors can chat 1-to-1 in real time.
- It is only possible to add and get new exhibitors before the EXPO is LIVE.
- It is possible to get new visitors at an EXPO both before and during the LIVE EXPO.

Step 2.3: Choose a fee for each exhibitor (min. USD 50) or make it free to exhibit at your EXPO.
- Even if you put an exhibitor fee, you can always add exhibitors for free under "Manage". All you need to input is the exhibitor's unique FeedsFloor ID (username). Once you have added an exhibitor's username, they will receive a request to be exhibited for free that they have to accept. When they have accepted the request their profile and products are automatically swooped on to the EXPO page.

Step 2.4: Input your Paypal ID or Stripe ID only if you have put an exhibition fee. After 3 min. your EXPO will be shown on FeedsFloor users' home feed.

Step 3: Invite exhibitors to showcase their company and products at your EXPO online.

Step 4: Invite visitors to discover and chat with exhibitors at your EXPO online.

Step 5: Once a visitor or an exhibitor are signed up to your EXPO online, FeedsFloor takes care of the rest.
- Visitors will be notified on updates and the day before and once the EXPO goes LIVE.
- Exhibitors will also be notified on updates and the day before and once the EXPO goes LIVE. Exhibitors will also receive automatic notifications on their email, if a visitor has send them a chat message.
- Exhibitors can edit their chat welcome message, depending on the circumstances e.g. "I will be back in 5 min.", "Hi and welcome, how can I help you?", "We are offline right now, see you tomorrow at 10am." etc.

Step 6: After the EXPO is finished. FeedsFloor will transfer 80% of the revenue from exhibitors to your PayPal or Stripe account.
- FeedsFloor can keep showcasing your expired EXPO or put it in "not-public" mode. Please email If you would like to host the same EXPO again, you can merely publish a new EXPO, and visitors and exhibitors of your previous EXPO will be notified to visit or exhibit at your new EXPO.

NB If you have any questions or comments, our team is ready to help you at

NB Allmost any kind of EXPO can be done at FeedsFloor. Only your imagination sets the limits. Examples of EXPOs online are:
a) Online version of a physical exhibition
b) Theme based e.g. entrepreneurship
c) Industry focused e.g. agribusiness
d) Community focused e.g. street fashion
e) Member based e.g. chamber of commerce
f) Niche focused e.g. knitting
g) Country focused e.g. autoshops in UK
h) Locally focused e.g. coffee shops in Queens
i) Cross-country focused e.g. european agricultural machinery in Kenya
j) Job focused e.g. engineering jobs in Middle East